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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why partner with Answer Hr RPO?

Irrespective of your company’s size, our recruitment solutions can help you:

  • Reduce & Control Operating Costs
  • Improve Operating Performance & Delivery
  • Obtain expertise, skills, and capabilities
  • Improve management & control
  • Improve Risk Management
  • Acquire Innovative Ideas
  • Free up time to focus on strategic HR
  • Improve the ROI of your HR investments

What is Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO)?

Human Resource Outsourcing is when a business partner with an external supplier (Answer Hr RPO) in managing the responsibility and risk for all or a portion of HR functions on the business’s behalf.

Why outsource your Recruitment Process in the first place?

  •  An RPO agency acts as a company’s internal recruitment team for a portion or all of its requirements while significantly contributing to cost savings.
  • Your total cost of recruitment goes down by at least 50% to 75%.
  • Your recruiting capabilities increase without increasing your headcount.
  • The speed of hire and candidate yield improves through 24×7 sourcing support.
  • The quality of hire improves as your internal recruiting staff has more time to spend interviewing and assessing candidates.

Once an Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) agency is on board what processes should you follow?

  • Do daily, weekly, or fortnightly review calls with assigned recruiters via Skype or video conference
  • Insist to interview the assigned recruiters on the phone beforehand
  • Give quick and instantaneous feedback
  • Build a rapport with the recruiters and ensure that there is a clear understanding of requirements

What does a Consultative Approach in RPO mean?

In a consultative approach, the RPO agency will spend time with you in discussions to better understand and define job roles. They will also realistically set expectations, dispense advice, and help you make sound decisions overall. The agency will not just pass on resumes and reduce your operational workload but rather function as your offshore strategic extended arm.

If everything is outsourced to an RPO agency is an internal recruitment team needed?

The recruitment industry, in particular, cannot do away with the fact that each candidate needs to be addressed by a local recruiter. The importance of cultural orientation and physical proximity between a client and a candidate must not be undermined. A well established RPO model requires a full cycle of offline-online and offshore-on site support.

How can RPO increase efficiency and productivity?

Outsourcing is not meant to replace existing local recruiters but to enhance their productivity and closure rate. The cost advantage and additional time gathered via outsourcing help a company’s internal recruitment team to take on 25-35% more requirements. This process also saves hours of time that would have been instead spent on pure operational work. With relevant resumes readily available, internal recruiters can concentrate on their core competency – calling candidates, getting them on board, and coordinating interviews. This provides higher chances of conversion and better opportunities to grow the business.

Does RPO really reduce the time taken to hire?

Of course! When you have a set of qualified recruiters working round the clock globally, using your job boards which are dormant during night hours, you consequentially have 8 hours of more work done in a single work day. When your recruiters come into work they can instantly start working on resumes which are already sourced, screened and evaluated by skilled outsourced recruiters while they were away. Outsourced recruiters also coordinate interviews and gather descriptive candidate data thus drastically reducing the time involved in the process.

Does outsourcing to an RPO agency affect cost savings significantly?

Following an RPO model can effectively reduce your costs by 50%. This is best explained through our Success Statistic.